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Q. Can I support trusses on internal walls?
Generally, trusses are designed to sit on external walls only (20mm clearance required between truss bottom chord and internal top plates). However, internal walls may be load bearing provided Prefab Technology is informed prior to fabrication.

Q. Why floor trusses over solid joists?
Larger spans, no 1800c/c nogs, accommodation for services, uniform size, long lengths, and an engineer designed product.

Q. Can I use the spans in the truss for storage?
Yes provided Prefab Technology knows your intentions and approximate weight to be stored prior fabrication.

Q. Can I support a solar hot water system on the roof?
Size, capacity and position of the unit to be given to Prefab Technology prior to fabrication.

Q. Can I match my existing roof line with trusses?
Yes! Prefab Technology site visit and measure your existing situation to guarantee a satisfactory result.

Q. What about plaster ceilings?
Prefab Technology recommends that all ceilings should be battened due to camber variation in bottom chords of trusses.

Q. How do we except payments?
We except Cash, Cheque, EFT & Credit card (1.5% Surcharge).

Q. What are the lead times?
At Prefab Technology, we are flexible on lead times, endeavouring to meet our customer’s needs.

Q. Do you deliver to the site?
All our products are delivered on Tray trucks or Semi-trailers, depending on access, products & materials can also be lifted to position.

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Timber roof trusses in Melbourne

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